The Application of Body Language in English Teaching论文

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  Abstract:Teachers he to use many ways to arouse the students’ interests so that they may learn better, and body language used in English teaching is one of them. In this article, the function and application of body language are expounded and emphasized by means of exemplification and epagoge.
  Key words: body language; expression ways; application
   Due to the shackles of years of deep-rooted traditional teaching method of language for a long time, teachers in the pursuit of the teaching progress often neglect the use of body language. "Body Language is the main form of non-language communication and it means people can use the facial expressions and body movements to communicate meaning from one person to another." [1] It can enrich the content of English teaching and let students understand knowledge points exactly.
  一、 The necessities of body language in English teaching
  (一)To stimulate the interest
  Albert Einstein says "interest is the best teacher". Firstly,teachers' attitudes are very important for teaching, it can provide students a relatively relaxed atmosphere of learning English, and then use of body language is accord with the students' cognitive process. it not only can cultivate students' attention, but also develop their nimble and accurate thinking ability. For example, teach "What are you doing? " you can design the following body language to the text content: let the students make writing, or dancing together with you, students do the body language with teacher, listen and do warm up in the activities to enter the study condition, then it has made the natural upholstery for the new class and stimulated students' study interest greatly。
  (二) To enhance the study effect
  In the process of teaching, body language can help the teachers achieve a higher goal. For instance, In digital teaching, if one teacher carries on the machinery drill constantly, the students feels dull, then the goal can not be achieved and study English interest will be reduced. The teachers can use the body language in the teaching as follows: at first, they can read number1-10 showing our hands at the same time. For example, "three" the teachers can stretch out three fingers. Then the students think it is interesting and imitate immediately, in addition, visual pattern of the body language can help students to understand and remember vocabulary easily. For example, like verb "sing, dance, "noun "bird, dog"; adjective " thin,fat; big, all" and so on. All this maybe taught by the proper movement directly. The psychology research tells us, the students working with the full brain can stimulate student's cerebral cortex and then the content is not easy to be forgotten. Therefore, teachers design some practices frequently with the body language to enhance the study effect.